Monthly Archive: September 2015

Sep 30

How far will you go to cut expenses?

  What would you do to cut your household expenses? Certain expenses are fixed, such as our mortgage.  (Do you know about FPL’s on call credit?, You can save $6 per month by letting FPL occasionally switch “off” selected equipment remotely for short periods of time during extremely high electricity demand. You can check if …

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Sep 27

Publix getting even stricter on couponers?

Is it possible Publix is getting even stricter on couponers? I went in today, and all my Winn Dixie coupons were questioned by the cashier: Cashier: “Can I take all these?” (6) They were for different products. Front End Coordinator ( Do they still call them that?) “Sure, why not?” Cashier: “Well, there is 6 of …

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Sep 23

Looking For A Remodeling Company?

If you’re planning a remodeling project in the home but don’t have time to complete the work, consider hiring a remodeling company. Before hiring a company, you want to check the referrals. It’s alright to ask for references if the company doesn’t voluntarily provide them. Someone from the company will be working in the home, …

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Sep 13

Dollar Store finds to supplement your grocery budget

So….I’m back. I missed blogging, and couponing, and the coupon community.  I don’t know about you, but for me couponing has been a challenge lately, with tighter coupon policies, and not as many high value coupons available, and the elimination of the Winn Dixie Coupon, we have had to look for more creative ways to …

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