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Dec 05

You might need emergency tree removal.

Taking Down The Trees At A Small Price

Unless you live in an area with no trees, you will likely see that there are some in the back yard, across the road or right beside your home. There are times when you might need emergency tree removal so that none of the trees fall on your home, on power lines or on cars.

Taking Down The Trees

You might notice a few things about the trees in your area that would mean they need to be removed. Older trees might not have a strong root system. If a strong wind comes along, it could easily knock it down. One of the things that you might notice about an older tree is that there are hollow areas around the base. You might notice that the leaves don’t grow like they have in the past. This often means that the tree is no longer getting the proper nutrients that it needs to survive.

There are a few trees that are undesirable and aren’t as much of a concern if you decide to eliminate them. These include the elm and willow trees. They are the species that often become infested with insects and diseases that can make them weak. If you don’t have a budget to adhere to, then it’s best to go ahead and get these removed before adding other items to the landscape. If there are trees that have over 50% of damage, then you need to remove them as they could easily fall without notice.

Pay attention to the sides of the tree. If you notice that one side is dead compared to another that is thriving, then this could be an indication of insects or another kind of damage that has occurred. Lightening strikes can also cause enough damage to trees that they need to be removed. Look for any sprouts that are coming from the sides of the tree. They could be a result of stress from the tree itself and are sometimes seen if there are changes with the soil. If there are power lines directly above or near the trees, you need to consider getting them removed as they could fall and bring down the lines, knocking out power to your home and homes of neighbors.


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  1. Jenn

    One side of our tree is starting to die. How do I find out if there is a bug problem? I don’t see any bugs since it’s December. We don’t see any sprouts or anything, and don’t remember lightning strikes either.

  2. DanaPots

    You can go to this link. It is a very helpful forum for assistance with tree problems.

    DanaPots recently posted…Happy New Year!My Profile

  3. Sarah Anderson

    I had never thought of an instance where tree removal would be considered an emergency. These make sense for that though, like it has weak roots and there is a massive wind on it’s way. Do they do that sort of thing right before hurricanes and such?

    1. DanaPots

      Yes, Sarah, in case the tree may be in danger of falling onto a roof.
      DanaPots recently posted…Live like a ButterflyMy Profile

  4. Hazel Owens

    I didn’t know that certain trees were more dangerous and undesirable than others. I love how willow trees look, but I had no idea that they were more susceptible to diseases and insects. I can see why you would want such a tree removed, since it poses a risk to your property. Thanks for the information!

    1. DanaPots

      Willow trees are beautiful! We don’t see those here in sunny Florida though.
      DanaPots recently posted…Creating a Greener, Eco-Friendly EnvironmentMy Profile

  5. Tylor Bennett

    Sometimes, trees demanded to be diminished as they start to pose hazardous effects to the surroundings. Perhaps roots weaken up due to the weather issues or may be due to lightening as well. It would be better if we trimmed the trees regularly.

  6. Burke Burkies

    One of the biggest problems we see in our area is the cutting of roots to make way for Sidewalks, Driveways, curbs and streets. This can cause trees to become seriously unstable and eventually fall.

  7. Ryan

    Great advice! I recently had a big tree right next to our house and notice it had two giant hollow holes near the base and mid area, so we knew it had to be removal since it could cause big problems if it were to ever fall on our house! Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Joe

    Unfortunately, most people don’t worry about their tree’s until AFTER it is too late. In areas with a lot of larger old tree’s it is important to have them inspected and maintained on a regular basis. in the past several ears we have dealt with more than our fair share of storms and nearly all of the tree’s that we “cleaned up” could have been avoided.

  9. Heather

    Trees can pose a lot of issues to your home if they are left to rot or become infested. They can also cause foundation damage at the root. This is a great guide to knowing whether it’s best to cut down the tree in your yard. Thanks for sharing!

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