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Aug 17

How to buy meat and produce using coupons


How to buy meat and produce using coupons

Myth: You cannot eat healthy using coupons.

Fact: There are coupons out there for meat, produce, vegetables, milk and other healthy items. You just have to look for them.

For example, there is a Target coupon here for $3 off a purchase of $15 or more on any fresh fruit, vegetable, deli or bakery  purchase (note to self, ignore the bakery, ignore the bakery) If your Publix accepts Target as a competitor you can also use it there.

Here are some more coupons for vegetables and meat:

Birds Eye Vegetables

Earthbound Organic Produce

Vidalia Onions (Facebook)

Driscoll Berries (Sign up and they send you a coupon)

GoldnPlump Chicken

Hormel (usually there is a meat coupon here, check back)

You can also sign up for Winn Dixie and Publix Baby Club, which frequently sends meat and vegetable coupons. So, as you can see, there are healthy coupons to be found. If you have any other ideas, I would love for you to post them in the comments.




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  1. Paul

    Another great post on the value and variety of coupons. Other than those healthy coupons you mentioned, you can also use your overages on the higher value coupons towards your groceries in most mega type marts. For example: Awhile back There was a $3.00 of any Bayer product (excluding trial travel). Our Walmart had the low dose for $2.20. Eighty cents overage. Walmart will not give you that money (they do get reimbursed the full $3.00) but they will take that off any other purchase you may make. So why not head over to the meat and fresh produce section. There are several of our family members that have heart conditions and take an aspirin on a daily basis. So with that kind of coupon we got as many as we could. 40 Bayer Aspirins (22ct) used by our family, netted us $32.00 of groceries any type we chose (mostly meat with my pack of carnivores). To piggy back on the meat though, if you are night owls (at Walmart) you can catch the mark downs on the “freeze or eat today” meats after midnight or early am. Get them before the daytime folks start shopping. Other places you can ask the butchers when they do their markdowns.

    1. DanaPots


      Excellent suggestions!! I usually try to be prepared with overage and use it on meat and vegetables as you suggested, because nothing makes me madder than having to grab candy at the register! 😉

      I was not aware of WalMart markdowns, thank you so much for the heads up! Do you find it easier to coupon at Wlamart or Publix?

      DanaPots recently posted…The Flagshirt.com ReviewMy Profile

      1. Paul

        Unfortunately, I’m a hillbilly and do not live far enough south to have a Publix within driving distance. Although having seen seeing there coupons and how they stack I would love to have one near us. Our town seems to think its more important to have 2 Autozones, 2 Advanced auto parts, 2 Napa’s and 1 O’Reilly’s within a 5 mile radius. Most of our groceries come from Aldi’s with the exception of markdown meats and overages (or certain items they don’t stock) which come from Walmart.

        1. Paul

          FYI or BTW Walmarts markdown meat has bright yellow price tags over the original white ones.

          1. DanaPots

            Thank you so much!

        2. DanaPots

          What grocery stores do you have Paul?

  2. Paul

    We have Walmart, Aldi, and Foodland. If we drive 30 miles in opposite directions we can get a Save-Alot and a Kroger.

    1. DanaPots

      I want to try Aldi, one recently opened up here in Coral Springs, and I heard the produce is excellent.

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