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Jun 18

Is Winn Dixie’s new coupon policy bamboozling its’ customers?



Winn Dixie has a new coupon policy – Fair or not?

  1. Store Management has the right to accept, decline or limit the use of any coupon(s).
  2. Coupons must be presented at the beginning of the transaction.
  3.  Manufacturer and store coupons will only be redeemed on or before expiration date.
  4.  All restrictions and/or limits printed on coupons will be enforced.
  5.  We will accept one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon for the same item.
  6. To ensure product availability for all customers, we limit redemption to (5) five like coupons for the same item in the same transaction. For example, if you have six of the same coupon and have purchased six items, we will only accept five of the coupons.
  7. Coupons may only be used for products that are currently on-hand at the store location.
  8.  Only valid Internet coupons that will scan at the register will be redeemed.
  9.  Only original coupons, no copies, will be accepted.
  10.  Winn-Dixie will not accept coupons presented via mobile phone or other device.
  11.  Electronic coupons that are attached to your Customer Rewards Card will deduct automatically at the register when the required purchase is made.
  12.  A manufacturer coupon cannot be used on the same item as an electronic coupon offer.
  13. The total coupon value cannot exceed the price of the item. No cash back will be given nor will cash back be applied to other purchases.
  14. Winn-Dixie does not accept any type of coupon for “Make-a-Meal” free items.

If you notice, number 6 and 13 have changed. I get #6. I really do. As a couponer, I get as frustrated as the next person when all I want is one or two of an item, and shelf is empty.

What I do not understand is how it is legal for Winn Dixie (and others) to say, that they will not apply the cash back towards other purchases if the coupon value exceeds the price of the item. If I present a coupon, and it is for .50, they get the face value of that coupon! It is not adjusted down. So how is it ethical, or fair to their customers that they are profiting off that money, on top of the .08 per coupon they already receive?

I will allow my wallet to be my voice, as I continue to shop at coupon friendly stores such as Publix. I invite a representative from Winn Dixie to weigh in on this policy change in the comment section.

What do you think? Fair or bamboozled?

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