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Jan 08

Owning a restaurant – The Menu Design

The Menu Design

Owning a restaurant can be a fun career. You get to choose the kind of food that is served, the design of the restaurant and who you will hire as cooks and servers. One of the components that you get to create is the menu, which is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the business. If you don’t have a menu that is easy to read and that shows all of the items that are offered by the business, then it could lead to a loss in potential profits.

Menu Design

Think about the layout of the menu. Customers often read pages like a book, starting in the upper left corner of the page. This is where you want to place the most appetizing items as well as those that are a little more expensive. If customers are enticed by what they read, then they will be more likely to order these dishes than something that is seen father down on the page.

Create logical sections on the menu. Divide everything into entrees, appetizers, drinks and desserts. This will make it a little easier for customers to search for exactly what they want to eat and to see the various items that are offered in each category. Although pictures are good to have if there is something on the menu that customers might not understand, you want to use them sparingly. They take up a lot of room that can be left for lists of the items that you offer. If you need to, give a short description of the item below the dish. You could also create a small book that is left on the table that includes pictures of some of the popular items.

Colors and fun fonts can grab the attention of customers more than anything else. However, you want to make sure the images blend with the type of restaurant that you own. Don’t place vibrant colors and large letters on a menu for an elegant restaurant. If you take the time to think about what you want from the menu, then it can be a beautiful design for all customers. There are design companies that offer areas to click here for more information if you need tips on what to include.

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