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Dec 01

Shopping Etiquette – A little manners, please!

Copy of Man - Shopping Cart Guy

Shopping Etiquette – A little manners, please!

I saw this posted somewhere else, and asked the author for permission to print it. I thought it was appropriate for this time of year. Her name is withheld, per her request. 

1) Why do you have your cart in the middle of the aisle as you stare blankly at the shelf, KNOWING there are about 10 other people with carts in the same aisle? Not bothering to move your cart, which is blocking everyone. WHY! Just move it off to the side, how hard is that?! I was literally blocked in on the spice aisle by 4 people doing this today.

2) If you see someone trying to get past said cart blocking everyone’s way….um…move it. This should not require them having to say excuse me, or can I get past….you should just…do it. That would be the nice, courteous, considerate thing to do.

3) If you’re looking at something on the shelf, have your cart on the same side of the aisle as that shelf. Don’t have your cart on the other side of the aisle, while looking at the opposing shelf-not leaving enough room for someone else to get through between you and your cart.

4) Don’t walk away from your cart when your PURSE IS IN IT, even for a second! I saw so many people doing this today. I saw SO many opportunities for someone to steal purses, wallets, phones, tablets, everything. I can’t believe people would walk away from their valuables, especially on such a busy day. (not manners, but a word of advice)

5) if you have a bunch of kids with you, make them stand in a single file line or something. Because your kids are also blocking the entire lane for other shoppers. I almost accidentally ran my cart into a kid that was running around and her parent wasn’t watching her today. ( I always tell our kids this, behind the cart, BEHIND the cart!)

6) WHY would you ever just abandon your cart in the middle of an aisle?! I saw this TWICE today and I was only in the store for about 15 minutes. Just left their carts in the middle of the aisle and walked away. SO RUDE! Just take it up to the front, is that REALLY so hard?

I would like to add a few:

1) Express means express – Don’t clog up the 15 items or less lane with 250 items

2) If you let your child hold an item to pacify him throughout the store, please don’t put the wet, mutilated, torn, half eaten, etc. etc package back on the shelf. Buy it. The store cannot sell it that way, and no one else wants it.

3) Don’t “swap” your frozen items. If you put your half melted Popsicles back in the case, you leave it for the next poor unsuspecting soul. Not cool.

Do you have more? Add them in the comments!


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