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Sep 27

Publix getting even stricter on couponers?

Is it possible Publix is getting even stricter on couponers? I went in today, and all my Winn Dixie coupons were questioned by the cashier: Cashier: “Can I take all these?” (6) They were for different products. Front End Coordinator ( Do they still call them that?) “Sure, why not?” Cashier: “Well, there is 6 of …

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Oct 13

How to buy your personal care items for pennies on the dollar

How do I buy personal care products for pennies on the dollar? One of the things I love about couponing is not running out of something and having to go to the store at the last minute! You know what I mean, squeezing the last of the toothpaste so you can run to the store …

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Sep 28

You can’t eat healthy using coupons – and other myths

  Some common myths people cite for not using coupons: Coupons are only for processed foods I eat healthy/organic and there are no coupons for my way of eating  I buy generic and that is a lot cheaper than name brand products   Today, let’s talk about eating healthy using coupons. Sure, there are an …

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Jul 17

My $30 school supply challenge!

You may or may not know, but a couple years ago I participated in the Sun Sentinel School Supply Challenge. The Sun Sentinel gave us $10 and wanted to see how far we could stretch it, with all the supplies being donated to local teachers. There were 3 of us participating and collectively we brought in …

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May 04

Couponers – Do we push the envelope?

We are all after a good deal – but do we push the envelope with liberal coupon policies? I am a typical couponer. I use coupons with the word “any” on trial sizes, I ask the meat department to break packages, and I stack coupons with sales to maximize savings. Recently, I wonder though, if …

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Apr 17

Random Act of Kindness – No, not today?

     Random Act of Kindness – No, not today? I want to tell you about something that happened at the store and ask if it has happened to you? I am a big advocate of random acts of kindness, and it is a habit of mine to bring extra coupons to give out to people during …

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