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May 24

The secret to getting a discount on just about anything!

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Couponing has taught me that deals are everywhere, and the secret really isn’t a secret at all – Sometimes all you have to do is ask!  That’s right, ask for the discount.

Steve and I were in Sports Authority last week, and we picked up a tent on sale. It pained me to walk to checkout without a coupon, so I said “I’m going to ask if they have any coupons”. My easygoing husband looked at me, and smiled but I know what he was thinking, no way would I get a discount just for asking.

We walked up to the cash register, and I smiled (being friendly increases your chances, don’t you know?) I asked the young man “You wouldn’t happen to have any coupons, would you?” He actually turned around and started rummaging through his garbage and pulled out a crumpled treasure, and scanned it, saving us $10!!

This secret works with utility bills, phone bills, and just about anything you can negotiate down. (No way is FPL giving us a discount, the beauty of monopoly) I have successfully asked my phone carrier for a discount,asked my credit card company to waive interest as a “courtesy” and lower my interest rate, negotiated my satellite service, and eaten at a discount all because I asked!

Try it and come back and tell me what you asked for, and if it worked 🙂



  1. Paul

    Great post. You know I’ve always lived by, “the worst that can happen is they say no”. That’s not a bad thing. Look at what can happen if they say yes. For those that may say, “Well it’s only $10.00” I’ve seen times where $10.00 was what got me some bread and lunch meat to make it to payday. Every bit that you can save is worth any embarrassment that may be felt by asking for more discount. Especially now that I have a family of 6 to take care of. One quick tip for your readers in the military, use that I.D. card no matter where you are at. As a retired military member I flash that card every place and you’d be surprised at who will give a military discount. I just paid less than $10.00 at JCP studios for a full portrait package of my kids. It was over a $50.00 dollar value. Not only did I get a free sitting fee ($39.00), but the photographer rummaged through her trash and gave me a coupon for a free 8 X !0 and 10% off all purchased sheets. All that took was for me to show my I.D. and say, “do you have military discounts?” Too easy to say money. Just ask.

    1. DanaPots


      You are so right! Every little bit adds up and helps in this economy. Thank you so much for reminding us about military discounts, and I thank you so much for your service! 🙂
      DanaPots recently posted…Amazon – no more tax break to Florida residents! My Profile

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