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Oct 17

This week’s thrift store finds


For those of you who don’t cook, like me, you may not know what this is. Steve does all the cooking and now has a collection of two. They are called mortar and pestles. Per Wikipedia, the mortar is a bowl, typically made of hard wood, ceramic or stone. The pestle is a heavy and blunt club-shaped object, the end of which is used for crushing and grinding. The substance to be ground is placed in the mortar and ground, crushed or mixed using a pestle.

We purchased these for 6.99 each at our local Goodwill. A similar one, sold at Target here is $40.00! I would say this is a good find. It is worth the money in pesto alone, which Steve promised me for dinner tomorrow ;).

You can see some tips for thrift store shopping in a previous post here.     What do you think of thrift stores? Great or gross? Leave some thoughts in the comment section.



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  1. Paul

    Great find. Thrift stores and Goodwills are great places to find hidden treasures. Whether it be poor gifting, too much stuff, or people just don’t know what they have they give away some fine items. Fads or crazes that wear off too soon also contribute to good finds. I have 3 bread machines that I paid less than $10 a piece for in new condition due to this. Mainly because I think most people were locked into buying the mixes(which are costly) rather than taking a simple bread recipe and dabbling to come up with a bread they like. With four kids I got those running all the time. Every other Saturday I make six 18″ and six 14″ pizzas slice them up and gallon bag the leftovers for snacks for the four bottomless pits. That’s almost $100 dollars worth of takeout pizza at the cheapest joint. I do it for less than $20. So those thrift store finds have contributed to my must have gadgets for frugal cooking. There are other gadgets but those top the list.

  2. DanaPots

    Nice! I also want a bread machine, but Steve is like you, dabbles with the recipe with fruit, or savory. You are right about fad items, they have those cake pop makers, and fajita makers stacked up to the ceiling 🙂
    DanaPots recently posted…Live like a ButterflyMy Profile

    1. Paul

      While a little off topic, my last post to this column got me to thinking about gadgets that I have that help me to frugally feed my family. The bread machines top the list as I can make 4 times the amount of bread that I can buy for the same price. Remember that although some of regs seem like convenience items, the ease that they make stuff from scratch keeps me from just giving up and buying ready made items. Next on my list is a good mixer with all the attachments. When looking at them I checked out functions they had and what I needed, reviews, and warranty info. When I finally got my kitchen aide I noticed something else. Watch some of those old game shows on GSN. The model of kitchen aide mixer of the 1970’s is almost exactly the same as now. Which to me means they got it right 40 years ago. Next gadget, is my blender. I upgraded last year to a Ninja and have never looked back. The 3 sets of blades blends things so much smoother and it takes little time. Next woul be my food processor. I had a Black and decker for 20 years and the plastic finally started eroding and I moronically switched to a culinary companies. It has no power and smooches more than slices and dices. I’m trying to break it while under warranty to get my money back and buy another B&D. The next thing is my food saver. I buy meat in bulk and split it when I get home. These next I’ll just list so as not to take so long. George Forman grill. Electric griddle and frying pan. Good toaster oven. Deep fat fryer. 8 qt crock pot. French fry cutter. Manual hamburger patty press. Air popper (I buy 50 lb bags of popcorn at a time). These last 2 are kinda guilty pleasures but have proven their value. No I don’t work for Ron Popiel but I own the rotisserie and the 6 star knife set. Both well worth what I spent on them 15 years ago and both going strong. Much of this may seem like extravagance but the ways they have saved time and effort keep me feeding my family frugally.

      1. DanaPots

        Love it! I miss my air popper, but as you know I do not cook. From my observance, Steve has been using our crockpot alot, as well as a pressure cooker we were given. The wok is an easy “one pot meal” as well as cowboy suppers. Our deep fryer will be put to use on funnel cake mix we bought from Big Lots this week 😉

        We came across another awesome you tube channel if you like them. Her name is “my half acre homestead” (Mrs Volkrie?) and I believe she lives in Canada. She is interesting to watch.
        DanaPots recently posted…Live like a ButterflyMy Profile

        1. Paul

          Have watched her stuff. Looking for ways to make laundry soap. I found her recipe good but I found another that makes liquid that stretches dollar even further. Yes I’m cheap enough to make laundry soap from a zote bar cup of borax box of baking soda and 5 gallons of water

          1. DanaPots

            Funny you should mention that, Steve is talking about sending our son to pick coconuts to make some kind of bar soap. I will let you know how that goes 🙂

          2. Paul

            Please do. All the recipes for bar soap that I have found take the patience of a candy maker. I do a lot of cooking but never picked up the precision of candy making. So I relagated myself to dollar tree two packs, half a bar of Castile soap and about 2 gallons of water and make over 2 gallons of body wash at a time.

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