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May 19

Why I love my husband – the never ending list


I was recently reading a post on the Happy Wives Club, (yes, I am a proud card carrying member!) and thought this was a wonderful idea. In every marriage, there are periods that either spouse may feel unappreciated. There was something in this article that hit me:

     It’s not because their spouse began doing anything different.  It’s because they began looking for all the things he was already doing right

Recently, it seems the more I am on Facebook, the more I see people bash their spouse. Why? One blogger had a whole post about “Stupid Sam” dedicated to all the things her husband had done wrong that day. Another Facebook post detailed the stupidity of her husband for losing his job, before finding another, and how she and the kids did not deserve this, because she was supposed to start school. Maybe this was true, but why go on and on, while your husband helplessly comments that this has never happened before? Meanwhile, she thanks all her Facebook friends for being there for her. Huh?

Anyway, I digress. This post is dedicated to my wonderful husband, my partner, and my true love, for whom I will be eternally grateful for all he adds to our life. I intend to update this post regularly, to remind myself, and him, even if I don’t say it as often as I should, my appreciation is in every action, every little gesture, every chalkboard coffee cup message (Be sure to look on the bottom ;))

1. Thank you for helping me up from the rubble, you know what I mean.

2. He loved me, even when my real self was 15 pounds more than my profile, it was a mistake, I swear.

3. He loves me “part and parcel” and takes care of this parcel every day as if it is a precious gift.

4. His intelligence and views on life enriches mine, like no one else.

5. He puts up with all my idiosyncrasies and neurosis, even though they have no merit .

6. He still makes my heart flutter, even after all these years.

7. The best times are the simple times, laying in bed at night, talking. I love these times.

8. He has a soft spot for pets, and I love his loyalty to our cat. It shows the type of man he is.

9. He spends time with our kids, to make them better people, and takes time to explain why things are.

10. He is technical minded, no, honey this post is not key worded for optimum search traffic, sorry. 😉 He has a brilliant mind.

11. He took care of the kids so I could finish my education, and he still does. I can work without worrying about anything

12. He spends time with the kids and I. Quality time. Nothing better than our nightly Monopoly game, no matter who wins!

13. He is the most beautiful person I have ever seen, inside and out

14. He lets me have the last piece of  Key Lime pie

15. He thinks of fun summer projects to do with the kids, to stimulate their minds

16. He always goes with me to the hospital (Dad and Mom have had health issues lately) even though he detests hospitals

17. He makes my coffee just how I like it, more cream than coffee

18. He always supports and encourages me in any new venture I want to try

19. He never says anything when I sing, or hum and it’s bad!

20. He stands with me through thick and thin

21. He arranges surprise visits with our grandchildren

22. He comes with me to the dentist, because he knows I am scared.

23. He patiently waits during all you can eat crab leg night 😉

24. I called him to ask if I can bring home a stray (which we need like a hole in the head) and he said “how can I refuse something that needs us?”

25. I brought that stray home, and the tender loving care he gives him would bring a tear to your eye.

26. He is my rock…every time.

This post has a beginning and no end. We should all look for the things our spouse already does right, instead of all the things we can pick him apart for doing wrong. Steve, I love you, and appreciate you.


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  1. Fawn

    Love that you said this post has a beginning and no end. Yes, looking for every little thing our spouse does right -instead of the insignificant and little things they do wrong- is one way to inject a healthy dose of happiness, appreciation and love into a relationship created to last a lifetime. Thank you for joining us in creating your never-ending list. If you’re anything like me, continuing to grow this list will do wonders for your marriage. XOXO
    Fawn recently posted…Join the 1,000,000 Member ChallengeMy Profile

    1. DanaPots

      Thanks, Fawn. I am learning alot from your group, and my friend Sophia over at 25 seasons. I hope to make my marriage strong, so that it can never be broken, by outsiders or my own doing. I read this with my husband and feel this is so true, look for all that is right and sometimes overlook how you feel you have been wronged.
      DanaPots recently posted…Why I love my husband – the never ending listMy Profile

  2. Sophia

    I totally enjoyed your post. It’s great to look for the good things in our husbands as opposed to the bad. I know S was tickled pink (blue) to read it. I hope you make it a habit.

    I look forward to reading more. We totally need to have lunch one day.

    Sophia recently posted…Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  3. Alicia Taylor

    I am also a happy wife and am always dismayed when I see people bash their spouses – especially publicly. I have noticed that when people treat their spouse lovingly, that is returned. When you focus on the positive, you are happier. Of course, if that’s not the case and your spouse is abusive, it’s time to get out.
    Alicia Taylor recently posted…Free Book Download: The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian AndersonMy Profile

    1. DanaPots

      I agree. I especially see it rampant on social media. Rule #1 in our house: Private lives and arguments are private, not for social media…Thanks for stopping by!
      DanaPots recently posted…Have you heard of Bubblews? Make extra money by writing!My Profile

  4. joal fox

    seeing the best in your partner is a must for any relationship to last be it boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife

    1. DanaPots

      Agreed. Thanks for stopping by!
      DanaPots recently posted…Ebay cracks down on coupon sellers – new policy!My Profile

  5. Maria

    Hi Dana,
    I loved this article and I’m glad I bumped into this. I can relate with a few points from here but especially number 22. I’d never visit a dentist without my husband.
    Maria recently posted…Dental tourismMy Profile

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